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Forging, and Powder Mold Materials
The forging mold is made up of Dies and Punch, divided into cold forging, warm forging, and hot forging. It is the manufacturing mold component in a car, produced to improve the impact resistance and the abrasion resistance of forging. With the forging mold, it became easier to manufacture a form and prolonged the life of the forging mold.
Use Application
Imprinting Dies , Plug , Nozzle , Sizing Case , Powder DiE , Cutter , Drawing Die , Boring TIP G1 , G2 , G3
Mold material , Mold Punch , Powder Die Imprinting Dies , Woodworking Cutter G4 , G5
Forging Die , Imposed Punch ,Ball Die,H.D SG6 , SG7 , SM7
H.D , Forging Die , Punch , Nut Former Plate Top Bolt , Shock Die, Guide Roll SM8 , M8 , SM9
Hot forging Die , Punch , SR10 , SR30
Nonmagnetic Die, Nonmagnetic Plug,Mechanical sael NM20 , NM40