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Materials related to Cutting
Mainly used for a variety of cutting tools such as burnishing drill, drill, reamer, and end-mill. With carbide mixed with WC particle, it prevents chipping and oxidation caused by high temperature which is occurred at the time of high-speed cutting. The products with the optimum tenacity and toughness by the mixture of WC ultra particle and carbide are usually used for slitter, knife, cutter, and saw cutter. Shinseng Industrial Co. Ltd. also possesses cutting tools such as SHIM (Sheet) and JAW with various specifications. Particularly for JAW, the safety and the life have been improved by hardmetal tap, not brazing tap.
Use Application
Casting, Aluminum, Free cutting steel, Burnishing drill, Reamer,KNIFE that requires abrasion of fiber. K05S , K10S , G1 , G2 , G3 , GF10 , KF13
Burnishing drill, drill, and end-mill by steel, stencil, cast steel, and ductile. GF10 , KF13 , SF13 , KF10 , KF12
CUTTER, SAW, and KNIFE by corrugated board, rubber roll, synthetic resins, and alloy steel. SF13 , KF10 , KF13 , KF15