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Ultra particle assortment (NF type, SF type, KF type)
  • Property : Appropriate for cutting tools and delicate mold because of high toughness and longitude.
  • Weakness : Since it has strong brittleness caused by high longitude, it needs to be handled carefully.
Cutting particle assortment (K type, GF10)
  • Property : Since K type in Low Co assortment has excellent heat-resisting property and longitude it is proper for cutting tools and DIES for abrasion. GF10 of good toughness and longitude is appropriate for cutting for common use.
  • Weakness : Needs attention at the time of use due to strong brittleness caused by high longitude.
Fine granule for abrasion (GF type, G type)
  • Property :Since G type which is LOW Co assortment has excellent longitude and abrasion resistance, it is good for ROLL for abrasion resistance and for DIES, while GF type with superb mechanical property is proper for delicate mold.
Assembly assortment for forging (SG type, SM type)
  • Property : High Co assortment. Proper for forging mold for impulse due to excellent impulse.
Assembly assortment for mining civil engineering (DR type)
  • Property : With good abrasion resistance and the impulse, appropriate for mining and civil engineering tools.
Change of matter property according to WC leading-in and Co content
Changes in longitude according to WC leading-in
Changes in T.R.S. according to WC leading-in
Changes in longitude with different Co content
Changes in T.R.S. with different Co content